How to Spot A Local Garage Door Repair Scam


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Like many fixtures on your home, over time things just break down. Since garage doors use parts like cables and springs, there likely will come a time when your garage door needs repair. Coupled with today's greater internet presence, the garage door repair industry is seeing more and more fraud and scammers.

We have been in the garage door service business for over 20 years and customer service is our number one priority. Not only have we heard the horror stories from our customers, we have had to correct many botched garage door repairs.

Flashback to 2011, when “Dateline NBC” aired a show, showcasing an undercover expose' on the credibility of home repair companies with a focus on garage door technicians. The show uncovered that two out of the ten garage door repair services contacted, attempted to charge customers for unneeded repairs. In 2013 Door & Access Systems magazine exposed a nationwide schemer Run Local Garage Door (read the article here). They are the folks who plaster the internet with the infamous $29 S.C (service call). Unfortunately for both customers and honorable service companies more companies have surfaced under a myriad of different domains, company names and operate several business fronts for garage door service, locksmiths,plumbers, etc.  


Here is a few ways to protect yourself from garage door repair scams



There has been so many reports of bogus garage door services popping up on the internet. Most of the time these websites will part of a large network of hundreds of different service oriented sites. Some of these operators will target your town (and hundreds of others) in the domain name itself. They will look flashy and enticing to the average web-surfer and even post a local phone number. While some of these services are not truly scammers, they have been found to and outsource jobs to independent techs who are not always qualified to work on your home.


Beware of free or "too good to be true" service charges.
It is perfectly normal for service companies to charge a service fee to come to your home and evaluate your issue. Most honest garage door company's will charge over $100 for a normal service call and more for emergency 24 hour service calls.
Why is a $25 service a red flag? Sometimes those small service charges can indicate a classic bait and switch. Just like you, your home service provider doesn't work for free. It cost a legitimate company more than $25 to take your call, schedule your visit, gas up a truck and send a technician to drive to your home.  To make matters worse, some of these company's will keep the service fee for the phone call and sell the hot lead (you) to an independent handyman who then will have to find a way to make your situation financially beneficial for them.  The investigation proved that in most cases these so called techs will find a way to charge you for something even if you don't need it. Some of these services will even ask you for an up-front service charge before they deploy a technician to your residence. An honorable  service company should never demand you to pay a fee before they come and evaluate the problem in person.

Unless you are certain about the reputation of the company you are dealing with, its always a good idea to make a phone call and ask some of the questions below.

Does the company have a physical local address. If they list an address, take a minute and use Goggle Maps to see if the address is legitimate. You can even use street view to see if the suspected company has a store front or shop. If Google shows the location in the middle of a Forrest..... You get the idea, they are trying to trick you into believing they are a local company.
If they say they don't have a corporate headquarters or shop then they are likely not legitimate. Your making a business transaction and you have the right to verify a business address even if they work out of their home.


IDEA(The Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation) Also look for this logo on the company in questions website. This accreditation ensures that the company or individual contractor has been trained to work on garage doors.

Never allow a technician to begin a repair without giving you a clear description of the repair, the work that will be performed and of course the final cost. If the estimate seems high, you can always get a second opinion. Although you may be required to pay a service charge, you are not obligated to use a company's services just because they are at your home.


A well known scam used on parts is the “Lifetime Guarantee” for garage door springs.  Some of these companies will install cheap springs that hold a very short life. Inevitably these springs will break and when they do the company will replace it free but sometimes charge a very high service fee for the replacement service. While some manufactures will offer a lifetime warranty on some garage door parts, springs are usually not covered.

Garage Door Warranty- Some manufactures (like Garaga) will offer a lifetime warranty on certain garage door models. Pella garage doors offers a lifetime warranty on the garage door's finish and hardware on select models. Most lower end garage doors will be limited to short warranty if any.

If you are skeptical about the lifetime warranty that the tech is offering you can always look up the warranty on the manufactures website.

Do an Internet search on the company in question.  Don't always trust reviews posted on the companies website as those can easily be artificially created. Reviews on Yelp can also be manipulated. There are many places consumers post reviews like Angies List that are reviewed by people who have actually used the service. The Houzz website is now also crawling with hundreds of these shady Garage Door Companies. Out of one hundred local garage door companies that were searched, only about twelve were reputable.

Ensure the company is accredited by the I.D.E.A or Better Business Bureau. Ask friends and family for any companies they may have used for their garage door repairs. You can also visit garage door manufactures websites and use their website to find a licensed dealer of their products.

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