How To Avoid Winter Garage Door Problems


garage doors winterIt’s a cold morning, you are running late for work, now your garage door won’t open. Don't you hate that? As the temperature becomes colder it often causes problems that can cause your garage door to stick or get jammed stuck. While some of these winter issues can be fixed by yourself its always best to contact a garage door repair professional.

Troubleshooting- Try This

  1. Close the garage door then disconnect the opener (if you have one) and try to raise the door by hand. Look for the exact spot where the door is sticking and check for built up grease or ice.
  2. Broken springs. Is your garage door to heavy to lift manually, you could have a broken spring. Do not attempt this dangerous fix this yourself. Contact a garage door repair professional.
  3. If the door opens and closes by hand easily you may need to adjust your garage door openers force setting.


Issue #1: The Effect Of Cold Metal Parts

Just like wood, Metal also tends to contract during the cold weather months. Springs and other metal parts can often contract and seize up . We suggest trying to spray a silicone-based lubricant on moving parts like the springs, rollers and hinges.


Issue #2: Hardened lubricants

Grease and other lubricants can harden during the cold months. By applying a grease solvent remove any hardened grease, clean and apply a silicone-based lubricant to the moving parts. It is important to re-apply lubricant or you will continue to have issues.


Issue #3: Garage Door Tracks

When the weather is extreme your garage door tracks can become warped and the rollers can become misaligned. These two issues can cause your door to operate poorly.


How To Keep Your Garage Door Tuned Up

Winterize your garage door:

  • Spray solvent (Silicone based) to rollers, hinges, roller tracks, hinges, bearings and latches.
  • Lubricate the pulleys or the bearings.
  • Clean moving parts. If rollers or hinges become seized, soak them in a solvent, then clean with a wire brush. Wipe clean when finished.
  • If you have an electric garage door opener be sure to make sure the photo eyes are properly aligned.

We offer safety inspections a garage door repair tune ups.

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