When it comes to garage door openers we offer several styles. In this article we will explain the main differences between chain-drive, belt drive and jack shaft openers.

chain drive garage door opener

Chain-driven garage door openers are the most common and most affordable type on the market.
The opener is operated by a chain that pushes and pulls a carriage that connects to a metal bar (J-Arm) that is attached to the garage door.

Pros: Less expensive with same reliability as belt driven motors.
Cons: Causes more vibration which makes makes it louder. May be annoying if your living space is above or beside your attached garage.


 belt drive opener

Belt-driven openers are just as reliable as chain drive drive garage door openers. The belt replaces the chain and is much quieter due to the absence of metal-on-metal contact a chain unit produces. If your bedroom or living space is above your garage then a belt drive motor is the way to go! We recommend an opener with a battery backup that will allow you to still operate your opener in the event of a power failure.

Pros: Quite operation

Cons: Cost is slightly more expensive than chain driven units


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liftmaster jackshftJackshaft garage door openers, unlike ceiling units, mount vertically on the wall beside the garage door. They are powered by a DC motor which drives cables that turn the torsion bar to raise and lower the garage door. Jackshaft openers are quieter than both chain and belt openers and are highly recommended if your living space is above or next to your garage. This type of opener is also great for garages with low ceilings or those who want more storage room.

Pros: Quieter than chain and belt drives, takes up less space.

Cons: More expensive than belt and chain drive units. Not applicable for all garages.


direct drive garage door opener

Direct-drive openers are unlike chain, belt and screw type openers because it only has one moving part, the motor. The motor itself rides along a stationary chain that is embedded in an overhead rail making for a quieter ride compared to chain and belt drive motors.

Pros:  Quieter than chain openers. No chain or belts=less maintenance
Cons: Slower operation than chain and belt drives.


Screw Drive garage Door Opener

Screw-driven openers allow a trolley to ride on a rotating steel rod and has less moving parts than a chain or belt driven system. These openers are not the best option for the New England climate. Dramatic changes in temperature can cause this type of opener to have issues as it's metal counterparts will retract and expand in the summer and winter seasons.

Pros: Less moving parts, less maintenance, opens and closes faster.

Cons: Not always suitable for Massachusetts Climates, Noisier than belt drive openers.


When it comes to garage door openers you can easily become confused with all the different brands and types on the market. Big box retailers offer consumer grade openers which often carry a 1 year warranty compared to  professional grade models that typically offer a lifetime warranty on the motor.  They also cut cost by selling a two piece rail system which is cheaper to ship and fit into a small box. If your garage door is not a standard 7' height you will also need to purchase and extender kit for an extra charge. All of our openers will be installed with a high quality one piece rail either 7ft, 8ft or 10 feet long that is perfect match for your door size.


When it comes to installation, big box stores most often use subcontractors or handy men who may not be certified by the I.D.E.A (International Door Education Association). Having your garage door opener installed by our dedicated garage door tech will ensure your opener is installed correctly the first time but a trained professional. Subcontractors may also charge you a service fee to measure your garage prior to installation and often charge a disposal fee to throw away your old opener system.

All of our opener installations are backed by a manufacture warranty and a Goodrow 1 year labor warranty. In addition we perform a full safety check to address any potential problems. We also lubricate and make minor adjustments to your door system to make sure it's operating safely.


You can count on us to be there years down the road if you ever need help with your system.



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