Cost to Replace Garage Door in Massachusetts


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 If you keep your garage door well maintained you should not have to replace it all that often.You may have no choice but to replace your door if it has been physically or cosmetically damaged.There are a lot of garage door services in Boston and throughout New England. This means there is a lot services available, and that’s good news for you the homeowner! Because of this, it may be less expensive to have a new garage door installed in the Boston area compared to more rural areas in the united states.

Several factors effect the cost of a new garage door installation, the basic factors are material type (steel-wood-vinyl), insulation value and panel style. Goodrow Door Solutions offers a variety of door styles, we can help you choose a door that fits the style of your home and budget.

As of 2015 the average cost to replace a garage door in Massachusetts is between $850 for a basic 2 layer door up to $5000 for ultra high end garage doors.To get a more accurate estimate for your garage door please contact us at 781-878-4710 and we will offer the most practical and affordable solution for you.



You may notice that some big box stores will offer garage door prices starting as low as $300 for a basic non insulated door at a fixed size. This does not include installation of the door by a professional. Big box stores normally advertise only a few different door sizes. If they have the size you in stock you can take it home and install if your are comfortable doing it yourself. If you prefer to have them install it they may charge you to first come to your home and measure your door opening, then charge you to come back and install it. If the door is not a stock size then you will be up-charged for the larger size (Many older homes will have odd sized doors and possible obstructions). Now the advertised $300 door is costing you upwards of $700 for the correctly sized door, site check and installation. While this is a still a fair deal, it's not what you first thought it would cost by the way it was advertised. When you buy a garage door from Goodrow we offer a complementary site check, warrantied installation and tax free service.


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